Closing one chapter opens another one....

So that it's already my last working month before my Australia adventure, I try to enjoy spending time with my lovely boys as much as possible, although it makes me quite sad sometimes.

There are way too many farewell parties this month and my own one came too soon as well...

It's hard to say goodbye to all those awesome people who made my time in New Zealand so special. Friendships developed and I always had the feeling to get support when I needed it.

While travelling you come to realise how big the world really is and how little you've seen of it. It makes you wanna go everywhere, you see pictures of your friends traveling to places you've never seen before or even heard of. On the other side the world got a lot smaller for oneself, because you make plans to see your new friends again which could be anywhere. It feels like exploring the world is actually possible and not only a dream <3

Over the last nine month I learned so many new things about myself. Stepping out of my comfort zone brought up lots of opportunities and I look forward to the future.

It's okay if you don't know what to do after school, if you should study or work and then the most nerv-wrecking question of all, what job you would like to have in the future.

Just go and try different things until you found the job you're most passionate about :)

We are still young!

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Extreme adrenaline weekend

Hey guys :)

So this time I'm gonna be really in time uploading this post (hard to believe right haha?)

On Friday Svea, Ben and me took off to go up to Taupo where we arrived in the evening and stayed in a hostel for one night before our adventure started on Saturday morning!! :)

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