Extreme adrenaline weekend

Hey guys :)

So this time I'm gonna be really in time uploading this post (hard to believe right haha?)

On Friday Svea, Ben and me took off to go up to Taupo where we arrived in the evening and stayed in a hostel for one night before our adventure started on Saturday morning!! :)

The thing we booked was called '4 play' and included a bungy (or a swing), a speed boat ride, a helicopter flight and a skydive for a really good price. We thought this is a really good thing to be able to do all those activities on one day, considering this was probably my last weekend trip during my time here :/ 

So Svea and me started off with the Swing that drops you from about 50 minutes down and lets you swing around :) They asked us if we would like a countdown or prefer a surprise. The moment I looked at Svea asking if a surprise would be okay, they already dropped us and it was so much fun :D

Those guys were so nice they gave us more pictures than they were supposed to and dropped us off at the Huka Falls Jet place.

This ride was definitely much fun! So nice to sit in a small and fast boat again :)

The 360° he did lots of times got me quite wet haha but I loved to feel the speed while gliding over the water with over 700 horse powers *_*

After the first two activities it was nice to have the helicopter flight after that :) I was pretty excited cause like the others I've never been on a helicopter before and I loved it *_* Seeing everything from up there with knowing I don't have to jump out haha :D We flew over a part of Taupo and had a sweet as look of the Huka Falls from above :)


The day ended really nicely with them dropping us off in the city again. Guess what? We were driven in a limousine :P

After an early dinner we went on our way back home. Thanks for that amazing weekend guys 


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