Sabrina's visit *_*

Saturday morning Sabrina arrived in Trentham at quarter to eight and it was so nice to see someone from home again :) The boys quickly liked her and our busy weekend started :D

Something maybe not everyone knows *whoop whoop*

I got my first Tattoo with Sabrina that morning and sorry mum and dad that it is quite big, but I seriously fell in love with it :D

It took about 15 minutes to get it done and before you get to ask me: Well yes it did hurt, but it wasn't too bad. Some places hurt more than the others. All in all it's okay when you get distracted during the process ;)

And that's how it looked like straight after getting it. And now for mum again: No worries! It didn't got infected :) Like I was told I put Bepanthen on it at least twice a day and now after 10 days it already feels like my normal skin ;)

Before Sabrina came to her visit before going back to Germany, Harry had some photos of his Teeball team taken on Wednesday :)

The rainbow was from Thursday and in real life much more beautiful than in the picture :D

After that exciting morning we treated ourselves with a McFlurry and walked through Upper Hutt where they had a little kinda street festival :) Luckily it was really nice and warm that day :))

After getting ready and putting some make up on Sabrina :D we went to the Mount Victoria lookout to start some sightseeing for Sabrina :) Wellington at night is more than beautiful!

We saw the most amazing shooting star I've seen in my entire life! Simply awesome *___*

For dinner we went to a 'BYO' which means 'bring your own' because you are allowed to take your own wine in there, but have to pay around 5$ to open it, which is still cheaper than buying drinks normally :D

While going out afterwards we've spent most of our time in the Establishment. Now for those of you who might now Jamie Curry from Jamies world on youtube, you will know that she is from New Zealand :D I was surprised to see her in the club while she nearly bumbed into me, because she doesn't live in Wellington haha :D

We won the sponge cake again *Wohooooooooo*

After playgroup on Tuesday we went to Oriental bay with Julia and her kids Elise and little Katharina. The weather was just warm and sunny enough for an ice cream so everyone enjoyed that lovely day :)

Thank you Sabrina for that wonderful week with you :) It was awesome to see you again after such a long time. Not only did we had lots of fun together but also have you been a perfect help playing with my boys when I did some housework :D So sad that you couldn't stay longer.

I'm happy to know that your safely back in Germany!

Heaps of X's and O's to you <3

Sunday was a really chilled day when we went into rainy Wellington before Bingo started. And for those of you who still wonder, why I can go to a bingo night every sunday evening without getting bored, ask Sabrina! Cause she definitely wanted to come back :D

A little highlight after 7 month without proper rolls we decided to bake some ourselves :D Not as good as the original ones from a german bakery but still really nice :) Of course we put some Nutella on them and had a perfect snack for our chilled night :)

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