Leo's 3rd birthday party

We celebrated Leo’s 3rd Birthday on the first of March, now this is already a bit ago, so I thought instead of telling you what I remember of that day I’m gonna ask the person that this day was all about :)

Me: “Hey Leo, how are you today:)?”

Leo: “I’m happy”

Me: “What do you remember from your birthday?”

Leo: “A soccer ball birthday!”

Me: “And where did you went?”

Leo: “To my birthday!”

Me: “So you had your party at Laughalots, a huge indoor playground?”

Leo: “Yeah, and we were shooting with guns in there all the time, like that” 

*holding his arms up, pretending to have a gun in his hand*

Me: “What else did you do there? Was your family there as well?”

Leo: “Hmmm. With Ben and Fletcher and Ben and Ben and Ben”

Me: “Yes Ben and Fletcher have been there, who else do you remember?”

Leo: “Ähm You and Granny and Granddad… and Mum and Dad…and me and Harry oh and JAAAAAACK and his friend, Aunti Malmal, a Baby”

Me: “Oh you remember lots, but I think there were even more people, maybe you will remember them later again ;) What other games did you play?”

Leo: “Hide and seek and I was counting”

Me: “Did you had some yummy food after playing games?”

Leo: “Yes, a big birthday cake!”

Me: “And did you opened your presents there?”

Leo: “Hmmm! I got a soccer ball, hulk smash and an army and lots of presents, can’t remember them all”

Me: “Thank you Leo for helping me remember your birthday! :)”

So even though I was pretty tired at that day because of the long way back from Auckland with only 2-3 hours of sleep I enjoyed the party lots and was happy about some rest back home :D

Now Leo is happily telling everyone that he is a big three year old :)

I hoped you enjoyed that special day Leo Leo, love you lots xx

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