Last 2 weeks update

Hey guys :)

Over the last couple of weeks I could already feel the weather changing a bit, there are more days of rain and we could get a cold wind sometimes. I guess every summer has to end sometime :D

So on the first rainy weekend Helena came over to have pizza in the evening and after a bit mocking around with the boys, watching a movie and talking some girl talk ;)

In the evening Svea came over for a sleepover and preparing some food and making yummy apple muffins on sunday to take them to Hanna's house where we were meeting up with 11 other Au pairs :D

Guess what? We won the best tasting sponge cake at bingo we ever had :D Sweet as!

And of course big helpers need big sleep from time to time :D

Sunday meant Bingo time as normal and it was crazy as ever :D

Not so good was that I started feeling sick :/

So after a quiet Monday with the kids and me still not feeling better, I had my first sick day off work on Tuesday which I basically just spent in my bed with lots of tea by my side and a bit skyping with someone from home which made me feel a bit better :)

With some painkillers for my ongoing headache I could work the next day again and felt a lot better on Thursday :) My mum send me her recipe for the most delicious 'nut edged' that I love so much and obviously so does Jack :) whoop whoop :D

Last Saturday I went on the Whittakers Big Egg Hunt with Megan, Jack, Harry and Leo. It is a hunt for huge eggs which are hidden throughout Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch and you use an app checking all the eggs to get points for collecting them. And holy moly! We have had a busy day :D At the waterfront we even got to see a dragon boat race :)

This week it was Ben's 20th birthday and we did some baking that day :) Good photo Leo haha :D But he sure is a big helper :)

Over the last days and weeks it becomes more clear to me that I only have about 3 month left in this beautiful family and country. In already 104 days I'm gonna be on my way back to Germany and that is totally scary....

It feels like the days with the kids are just flying past, as if the day doesn't have 24 hours anymore :D

I love them so much and they give me so much love with lots of cuddles and kisses back, it makes me sad from time to time as if the countdown already started. This country and the people are amazing and maybe it's because there are already some friends having left or leaving really soon.

But for now I am happy to see Sabrina on Saturday again and looking forward to that awesome upcoming weekend <3


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