Auckland #2 - Lantern Festival

So after the best Friday night ever ever ever ever ever ever!!! I packed my stuff at Anne's house again and spent the day in Auckland Downtown again, although we didn't do really much :D

I'm gonna show you a few pictures anyways haha :D

When Luisa and Anne went back to Devonport I stayed Downtown until Anna, Doni and two of their friends picked me up and took me to the Chinese Lantern Festival with them. A huuuuuge thanks for that girls! :)

There were so many people :o it took us ages to actually get through the crowd and had a relaxed evening there until I needed to catch my bus back to Welly.

The second bus trip was not comfy at all and I was freezing a lot again :/ but after two hours of sleep I finally arrived back in Upper Hutt at 9:30 in the morning for Leo's 3. birthday :)

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