My 19. Birthday and the Sevens weekend

Little shock in the beginning :D

Sunday before Bingo I decided to colour my hair and I absolutely love it :D Sadly all the colour will be gone after washing my hair a few times ;)

First I thought everyone would think I'm crazy but I got so many compliments for my hair, you are awesome guys <33

My birthday was ready to come *_*

I am not joking when I say this is the best chocolate cake I ever ate <3

Because well look at it!! It had two blocks of dark chocolate in it :D Thank you so much Chris for this awesome cake :)

And because I have the best kiwi family in the world! I felt no home sickness at all :)) (I was a little bit worried about how I would feel that day to be honest...) So thaaaaaaaaank you! I love you guys xxx

Poor Harry wasn't that lucky... he was sick on my birthday, but that didn't stopped Leo and me from having fun at the playgroup like every week and Harry got better soon :)

After a sleep during lunch time I got ready and met Alice in town and could it be any different? She loved the cake as well :))

We walked a bit through beloved Welly, cause nothing can beat Wellington on a nice day :P Seriously I was sooooooo happy that after a weekend full of rain it was finally sunny again so I could enjoy the first summer birthday ever <3

We met for our usual coffee group in a park that day which made me see lots of friends and I had an awesome, unbelievably funny evening :) Just have a look at the pictures haha :D

Oh oh oh oh oh!! I saw a little sting ray in there <3 sooo cute *_*

Don't laugh about Alice, she just has had some really yummy cherries, so your teeth are allowed to look like that ;) :P

No comment...

:D :D :D

As the evening went on it was the same people like usual left and I don't know if we ever managed to stop laughing :D It was so much fun with you :D Never thought it would be so hard to do the 'double chin'


Should I maybe keep that hair colour...?

Let the Sevens begin *wuhuuu*

Day no. 1

Now that I feel like I finally get the rules of rugby, watching it was actually fun :D

Go All Blacks :P

anyone who knows a cute name for my penguin backpack :)?

It's going down for real !!

*please add the melody from the song while reading this*

Day no. 2

In the cup finals New Zealand won against England 27:21 wuhuuuuu

Ahoi Brause *_*

Love this german stuff :P Thanks Kathi for sharing with me :))

I hoped you enjoyed all the pictures :)

Parties are parties and I'm not gonna go into detail about those nights at Kathi's place but I promise you we laughed a lot :P

Thanks for keep reading my blog :)

Cheers Svenja xxx

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    Petra (Sonntag, 08 März 2015 20:03)

    Hallo Svenja,
    mann sieht du hast eine tolle Zeit . Deine Haarfarbe find ich klasse :-))
    Deine Fotos sind immer wieder schön.
    Geniess deine Zeit
    War jetzt auch 9 Tage in Ägypten super Wetter 25-30C° das Meer 24C°
    das Essen war super (dafür etwas Übergewicht) hihi
    Liebe Grüße