Bye bye Anna, The Hobbit 3, Zoo, Bubble Soccer and my first surfing lesson ever!

So the last weekend with Anna after working on Saturday started with a bottle of wine each and going out afterwards and ended like nearly every other party weekend with a tripple cheese pizza from Dominos in the morning :P

Can't wait to visit you back in Germany you awesome girl :)

Later on this month I went to see the new Hobbit with Anna from Auckland. Against my expectations that I wouldn't like it that much, because I was told that the movie is not so great.... I really liked it....

I don't know what's different now but something obviously changed my mind about those and the Lord of the Rings movies ;D I even watch them voluntarily now :o

As the summer holidays went on and there was a 'not so nice' morning we decided to go to the zoo all together, so even Jack came with us :) (Unfortunately) the day turned out to be really hot and sunny we were all exhausted after the long day and nearly able to go and get an ice cream at the beach :D

Even though I've been to the zoo with the kids a couple of times before this time it was kinda special cause we got to pet a kiwi bird, fed a giraffe and then saw other feedings like the lions, chimpanzees and penguins as well :)

On the 24.01.2015 I was lucky to go and play bubble soccer again with 7 other people which was heaps of fun again and I recommend everyone trying to do that at least once in their life :P

It is just getting damn hot in there!!

The rest of the day was more chilled with walking around town and a DvD night to relax :)

Last Sunday on my way to the surfing lesson I got stuck in traffic so that it took me about 1 1/4 hour to get to Lyall Bay... that's definitely the longest time I've ever needed to get into Welly...

So arriving 30 minutes too late I thought I wouldn't be able to attend the lesson anymore but luckily our teacher seemed to be stuck in the same traffic jam :P

Surfing is truly not easy at all but it was a lot of fun :) I didn't even got to stand up on the board properly haha

Maybe next time :) cause I'm definitely gonna do it again on my own :))

Together with Alice, I went to Midnight Espresso to get the definitely deserved dinner hihi :)

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