North Island Tour

Happy New Year everybody :)

I'm back from my holidays on the north island and if you want to know what I did during that 12 days of awesome warm weather you're welcome to go on reading :P

After picking up the rental car we went to Cape Palliser, the bottom of the north island, where we climbed up these 220 steps up to where the lighthouse is. You had an amazing view from up there!

6 hours later we arrived in Napier and met Jana and her family :)

Napier is a beautiful little place to spent the holidays there. Walking through the little passage with all the shops you really feel like you're in Italy or somewhere else on holidays :P

After two days in Napier and saying goodbye to Jana until I'm gonna be back in 6 month, we went to Rotorua and started exploring the city by doing the popular "Zorbing".

We don't have any pictures from that, but to give you an impression of what we did just check out their website ;)

You clearly get hungry at some time, so we tried our first 'Wendy's Burger' there for Lunch.

Luckily we were alone in our 10 bed dorm in the backpackers when we arrived, so we could relax a few hours and when Charly from England came into our room as well we took a little walk through the park behind our hostel all together before doing dinner.

If you look at all that steam coming out of the earth you might wonder if it's smelly..... and I can tell you: Yes it is! Rotorua is probably the smelliest city of all :D It's nearly fine in the evening, but waking up in the morning to a really bad smell is not so nice :D

On the next day we went to the actual geothermal park called 'Te Puia' where there is that massive geyser and a little Kiwi house, where we saw a real big Kiwi bird :)

Then we relaxed a little bit at the Rotorua Museum near the city centre.

Now for all of the Lord of the rings fans:

Welcome to Hobbiton :P

It was a really cute and beautiful place :) Even for people who are not entirely obsessed with LOTR :P

Sadly not all of my pictures are uploading so you will only see some pictures on my blog and if you wanna see more of them, I'm gonna be happy to show them when I'm back in Germany :D

Then we went further up to the Coromandel where we first went to the 'Hot water beach'. He got that name because there are two hours after low tide every day when people go there and dig a little whole in the ground which will fill itself up with really hot water. There are only two places on that beach where there is that hot spring under the sand, so it's always crowded and you kinda need to fight to get a nice little 'hot pool' - what we successfully did *wohoo*

It was really nice and warm, but the further you got to the middle of the spring you had to be careful not to burn yourself! Nature is crazy <3

The next day we went to see the Cathedral Cove. On our way we stopped at Stingray Bay and I can tell you: Definitely make that 45 minutes walk, it's worth seeing! And luckily we went there quite early in the morning, so it was not too crowded :)

And that's already how my year 2014 ended.

We drove to Auckland to celebrate New Years Eve together with Anna who lives there and her friend Doni :)

We had a amazing night with lots of singing and heaps of food :D

As I'm watching 'dinner for one' every year kinda as a tradition, they had to watch it with me on youtube :P

I'm not gonna tell any more details of that night, cause that would be pretty embarrassing, but I will definitely keep all of that in my mind :P

After a little sleep in we started to go up to Paihia for two nights :)

We spent the Friday going up to Cape Reinga, which is the tippy top of the north island and you can see the tasman sea and the pacific ocean meet there. Amazing!!!!!

To get to that point we drove over the 90 mile beach (yes! Driving on the beach with a car!)

But what we didn't knew is, that you're not allowed to drive there with a rental car. So we did it *sorry not sorry* 

The next morning we got up early to go swimming with dolphins in Paihia and seeing those animals in their natural habit was amazing. Those dolphins were about 3-4 metres long and swimming and jumping next to the boat.

The first group of dolphins had a baby, so we were not allowed to go into the water with them, because it would be too dangerous for the little ones. The mother would probably get excited and not feed the baby every few minutes, which would risk the baby getting too cold and maybe die because of that.

But later on we found another group and yes! I went into the ocean with them :P

Then we went all the way down to Waitomo to do the Black Water Tubing in the Glowworm caves, when we turned off all the lights it really felt like you were looking up to the milky way :D

After that we drove to Turangi to get to the hardest day of our trip :D

We did the Tongariro Alpine Crossing which is a hike of 19,4 km and the most of you probably know that I never went hiking before :D Oh shit....

But in the end I survived and it was beautiful when I finally got to the top after nearly dying the hard way uphill because of my asthma :D

If I can do it, all of you who are thinking about to do it: No worries! With two motivating girls by your side you will be able to do it.

Luckily the weather was awesome that day so we had an amazing view.

And again for all the Lord of the Rings lover: We went to Mount Doom!!! Muhahahaahahaha (Surely the ring is destroyed now :P)

Oh and by the way: Don't laugh about my silly head protection! I don't have a hat, so you use what you have to avoid getting burned or a sunstroke! And of course I used sunscreen ;)

Up on top it was windy and about 10 degrees so be sure to have windproof, warm cloth with you and heeeeaaaaaps of water as well :)

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed my holidays :)

A special thanks for standing me during those 12 days to Anna :P You are awesome and I'm gonna miss ya heaps over here :*

Safe travel home <3

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