Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody <3

My christmas eve started by visiting some christmas lights in Upper Hutt. They had a street full of really nicely decorated houses :)

If you don't consider the fact, that it was up to 29 degrees and we went to the lights in shirt it might have almost felt like home :D The sky was just amazing as you can see and we had a quiet evening :)

It was fun trying all those dubsmash voices in the app together with Jack, so sorry if I bothered some of you with them :P

After putting my presents under the tree I went to sleep :)

Can you imagine the little boys had a sleep in on christmas morning when they normally get up around 6 or 7 am :D?!


So around 8 ish we went downstairs to see that Santa was there :)

The boys opened their first presents and even I got some :)

After having croissants for breakfast outside (yes outside! It was nice and warm already :P) we needed to open the rest of the presents because Leo got a little bit grumpy. He was only happy after opening aaaaaaaaaall his presents :D

Then we set up the racing track I bought for the boys and the skyping started :D

It was so nice to see my family and even my grandma at home <3

We spoke to Maggie in England and Granny and Granddad came over, later we also spoke to Chris twin sister and her fiancé. Its always nice too meet some more of the family :)

As the day went on we had a lovely lunch and also the Cousins Ben, Fletcher and Savanna with their parents came over :)

No time to get melancholic over the christmas back in Germany, which I think is a really good thing :)

There is always stuff going on with three boys and the family coming over :)

I have to admit I taught Jack some german swear words today (shame on me....) So now his new two favourite words are 'scheiße' and 'arschloch' :D

This is definitely a different kind of christmas but I love it as well <3 It is kiwi as :P

Thank you for all the christmas wishes back from Germany!

I love you mates, you're sweet as :***

Cheers and happy christmas <3


P.S.: The last picture shows what I got today :) Even tho the parcel from my parents hasn't arrived yet, I'll be happy to open it when I get back from my north island tour on the 6th of January :)

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